Come ye, be awed by the marvelous art of Bren Adams [Updated]

[Original July 1, 2010 post] We’ve here the awe-inspiring art of Brenoch Adams, Tomb Raider dev house concept artist. Adams joined Team Lara in 2008 and is still currently involved with the group; he provided additional concept art for Tomb Raider Underworld. Having worked on THQ title Conan, Adams has created art that showcases environments not too far in looks to places raid-worthy for Lara (see here, if you don’t believe us).

Update: Bren is confirmed to be involved with the reboot, most notably for doing the concept stage and some finishing touches for Lara’s look as she appears on GI’s January ‘11 cover, for which he “literally didn’t leave his desk for a straight twenty-four hours.”