Is it still Tomb Raider if we don’t get to swim?

Should we rephrase that question?

Perhaps, more sensibly, to, “Will Lara get to swim in the new game?”

Karl Stewart, global brand director, tells GI, “[As to whether] we can swim or not, our primary goal is to make sure the experience rises to the top, and […] if the experience isn’t good enough […], that would not be included.”

All up in the air still, then (no pun intended). But that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing much of water in the game. Tim Longo, franchise director, shares, “Water, rain, fire and mud, we wanted [them] to have actual gameplay purpose. We want the player to think about how they’d react to the situation in real life, like, “I’m going to use water in this way.”

So when it comes to Lara’s survival escapes, as detailed in GI’s January issue, the actual physical properties of water will “have a big role in problem solving.”

But problem solving underwater? Not so much…yet.

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