Rumor: Second continuity series to get Trilogy treatment, HD’d exclusively for PS3 [Update]

Reunite the Scion artifacts, reforge Excalibur, and level mountains with Mjolnir, this time in seamless HD, all bundled in a PS3-exclusive Trilogy pack.

A product dubbed as “Tomb Raider Trilogy” is apparently up for pre-order on Amazon Germany. The pack is detailed to include all three games of the second continuity Tomb Raider series, with the first two last-gen Lara Croft outings (Legend and Anniversary) getting the HD treatment, perhaps to look similar in appearance to their Xbox 360 counterpart. It is said to be set for release on March 22, 2011.

As of press time, Square Enix Europe has yet to confirm if the Amazon posting is legit. We’ll remain on stand by and update the post accordingly once news comes around.

Thanks, Kurtis666!

Update: Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director of Team Lara confirms listing is legit, as per his Twitter status. Yay or yay?

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