Confirmed: “A Survivor is Born” is Square Enix-owned trademark — but is it Lara’s?

Tomb Raider BIZ can confirm that the tease spread in last issue’s Game Informer — yep, the one that’s stirred Tomb Raider fandom into a dizzying frenzy — is in fact created and owned by Square Enix, Lara’s new adoptive ‘rents after Eidos PLC. Raid through for the deets.

The image, as it’s been analyzed to death, shows a wrecked ship with the tagline “A Survivor is Born,” which is closely reminiscent of the concepts/vision for the next Tomb Raider game leaked online last year. This has led to speculations that the GI tease is indeed for the next pillar ‘Raider game after Underworld.

Still, scouring definitive proof that the spread is after all connected to Lara or Square Enix proved to be quite the task — a task we as usual were no doubt up for.

On November 23, the UK office of Square Enix filed for ownership of the wordmark “A Survivor is Born,” which, according to its record (courtesy of United States Patent and Trademark Office; screencap image embiggable here), may be (on, in) any of the following:

Computer game software; computer games; video game software; video games; electronic games for mobile phones; computer game software supplied on line by means of multi-media electronic broadcast or network transmission; publications in electronic form or other data provided by means of multi-media electronic broadcast or network transmission; disks and tapes pre-recorded with computer game software, video game software, or other electronic publications.

Being that the ominous “A Survivor is Born” has turned out to be a Square-registered wordmark, it could be any of these two things: (1) its own game, or (2) a tagline or slogan Crystal D is planning to use extensively for the global campaign of the next big ‘Raider game — an endeavor for which the team has recently hired Rock Band product manager Brent Dady.

Although we’re pretty sure you already know where our bet’s on.

Onto the 6th, then.

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